Medical Section


A healthy body guarantees a healthy mind, and to ensure the health of the students a dispensary has been established which provide free medical facilities to the students and citizens of bahawalnagar. Dedicated services of competent doctors is very much a specialty of this dispensary. In case of any emergency, ambulance is also available

Another departement in Jamia is Blood Bank.this blood bank providing blood facility to all citizens of bahawalnagar. Disease test lab facility is also working in this blood bank.The blood bank is responsible for:

  • Rapid response to urgent requests for blood components
  • Checking pre-transfusion samples and requests
  • Assessing of immunological compatibility between donor and patient
  • Selecting of suitable blood component for each clinical condition
  • Safe delivery and handling of blood components
  • Inventory and stock management Interactions with the blood establishment.


Mufti Niaz walfare Trust is providing free medical Treatment  for institute Students and out side people.Dedicated services of competent doctors is very much a specialty of this dispensary and specialist of pain, eyes,chest,heart and gynecologist ,visits dispensary every month and distribute free medicine to needy people of bahawalnagar