Dars-e-Nizami For Women


This department administer five levels. A girl is admitted at least after completing her Matriculation.

Level "Oola"

This is the first step for Alima Course. Examination is held by the institute itself.  In this level following books are taught Lisan-ul-Quran, Ilm-us-Sarf-al-Awaleen, Ilm-al-Nahev, Mashq-al-Quran, Al-Tareeqa-Al-Jadeedia, Islamic Education.

Level Aama

This level is equal to Matric, Examination is held by the Wifaq, and the certificate of “Sanvia Aama” is issued. Book taught in this level are as under; Khulasa-al-Tajveed, History of Islam, Ilm-al-Sarf-o-Aakhreen, Awamil-al-Nahev, tareeqa Al-Asria, Zad-al-Talbin, Bahisti Zever, Quran Majeed and the translation of last chapter of Quran.

Level Khasa

This level is equal to F.A. and the examination of the same is held by the Wifaq and the certificate of “Sanvia Khasa” is issued. Detail of books taught in this year is as under; Asool Alshahi, Tasheel Al-Zaroori, Riaz-al-Saliheen, Qasas-al-Nabeen, Seerat Sahabiat, Hidaya Al-Nahev, Tajveed, Translation of ten chapters of Quran.

Level Alia

This level is equal to B.A., and its examination is held by the Wifaq-ul-Madaris, and those who succeed are granted with the Certificate of “Al-Alia”. Following books constitute the syllabus of this level. Mishkat Sharif,  Asool-e-Hadith, Droos-ul-Balagha, Siraji, Muqamat-e-Hariri and Translation of the last ten chapters of Quran.

Level Almia

This level is eual to M.A. and examination is held by the Wifaq-ul-Madaris and the Degree of “Al-Almia” is issued. Following books are taught to the students. Bukhari Sharif Complete, Muslim Sharif Complete, Termazi Sharif Complete, Abu-Dawood Sharif Complete.