Dars-e-Nizami For Men

Department of "DARS-E-NIZAMI" for boys:

This department is considered as a back bone of any institute. There are nine levels in it, and very intellectuals and scholars do serve the same. Each level is completed in one year. The syllabus approved by Wifaq-ul-Madaris Al-Arabia Pakistan, is administered in these levels, detail of these levels is provided hereunder;

Farsi Awal

This is the first step of Alim course. In this level along with the Practice of Quran (tilawa) initial English, Maths, Farsi, and Urdu books are taught, writing practice is also a part of this level. Internal examination of the institute is held for this level.

Level “Mutwasita”

This level is equal to middle of common education, and common middle syllabus is taught. Examination is held by the Wifaq and Certificate of “Al-Mutwasita” is issued by the examining body. Gulistan, Bostan, Khulsa Al-Tajweed, English, Bahisti Gohar, Serat-e- Rasool (PBUH) Maths, Urdu and Social Studies are taught in this level.

Level “Oola”

It is known as year of Arabic Grammer. Following books are taught in this level. Jamal-ul-Quran, Nehev Mir, Sharah Mat Aamil, Irshad Al-Sarf, Al-Tariqa Al?asria, History of Islam, Tamreen Farsi, Tamreen Al-Nahev.

Level “Sania”

It is parallel to Metric and the examination of the same is held by the Wifaq. Certificate of “Al-Sanvia Aama” is issued. Translation of last Chapter of Quran along with Complete Qadrvi, Fawaid-e-Makia, Zad-Al-Talbin, Logic, Ilm-us-Segha, Qarat-ur-Rashida, Mualim-ul-Insha and Hidaya Al-Nahev are taught in this level.

Level Rabia

It is parallel to F.A. and the examination of the same is held by the Wifaq and certificate of “Al-Sanvia Khasa” is issued. In this year, translation of ten chapters of Quran from the middle along with Shara Daqaya, Qutbi, Shara Jami, Muqamat-e-Hareri, Daroos-al-Balagha, Noor-ul-Anwar, are taught.

Level Khamsa
In this Level first ten chapters of Quran are taught with translation along with Saba-al-Muaalaqat, Mukhtarat Al-Adab, Hassami, Hadaya Volume One, Diwan Mutni
Level Aalia
It is equal to B.A. Examination is held by Wifaq and Degree of Al-Aalia is issued. Detail of books of this level is as under; Jalalen Sharif, Hidaya Volume two, Aqida Tahavia, Sharah Aqaid, Fehem Al-Falqiyat, Al-Tozeh-al-Talveh,Siraji, Masnad Imam-e-Azam, Diwan Al-Khamisa.
Level Sabia
It is equal to M.A. Arabic and Islamiat. This level is also called the Hadith Level. Any institute is know by its Hadith Level. This level has been included in this institute since beginning. Examination is held by the Wifaq and at the completion of this year “Dastar-e-Fazelat” is conferred upon. Books are as under “Sahah-e-Sita” Bukhari Sharif complete, Tirmezi Sharif Complete, Abu-Dawooed Sharif complete, Muslim Sharif complete, including Tahavi, Mota Imam Malik, Mota Imam Muhammad, Sunan-e-Nisai, Sunan-e-Ibn-e-Maja. Succeeding candidates obtain a degree of “Al-Almia fel-Uloom Al-Arabia” from the Wifaq and the institutes also issues its own certificate.
Level “Takhasus Fil-Fiqah Al-Islami”
Classes for “Takhasus Fil-Fiqah Al-Islami” are an honor for this institute since last few years. It is also called the Mufti Course. In this year “Aqo-v-Rasam-al-Mufti” Siraji, Insha Fatawa, Islam and modern economics are taught. At the end of the year Degree of  Takhasus Fil-Fiqah Al-Islami is issued