Dar UL Hadith


It is equal to M.A. Arabic and Islamiat. This level is also called the Hadith Level. Any institute is know by its Hadith Level. This level has been included in this institute since beginning. Examination is held by the Wifaq and at the completion of this year "Dastar-e-Fazelat" is conferred upon. Books are as under "Sahah-e-Sita" Bukhari Sharif complete, Tirmezi Sharif Complete, Abu-Dawooed Sharif complete, Muslim Sharif complete, including Tahavi, Mota Imam Malik, Mota Imam Muhammad, Sunan-e-Nisai, Sunan-e-Ibn-e-Maja. Succeeding candidates obtain a degree of "Al-Almia fel-Uloom Al- Arabia" from the Wifaq and the institutes also issues its own certificate.