Dar UL Ifta

This esteemed department is serving the people since long, and thousands of “Fatawas” have been issued in different problems. Personals of very high intellect and having great knowledge & wisdom are serving in this department. And a “Fatwa” issued by this department is highly ranked in Govt. offices, Courts and in Punchiats. Problems are referred to this department not only from Pakistan but also from abroad. Currently the head of this department is Molana Mufti Khaleeq Ahmad Akhon D.B.A who is younger son in law of Hazarad Ludhyanvi Shaheed who was the younger son of  Hazrat Khutni R.A.

500 Students have completed this level uptill now who have been issued the Degrees of “Takhsus Fil Fiqah Islami”. All those Learned Mufti’s are now serving in different parts of the country as well as in the world.