Online Study

“Recite the Quran, for indeed ALLAH will reward you ten (10) times more for each letter that you recite(Sahih Hadith | AL-Darami)

To memorize QURAN with correct pronunciation.


The Course contents includes:-

  1. Revision of Tajweed rules & correction of pronunciation.
  2. Memorizing of Quran.
  3. Listening previous lessons.
  4. Ensuring practice of HIFZ.

Although normally it takes near 2-3 years to memorize the whole QURAN,

yet it is appreciated & encouraged a lot. If not complete, maximum should be memorized.

Just imagine, that reading of 1 letter once is rewarded 10 times. When one want to memorize any single Ayat, it is repeated tens of times before it is learned by heart.

One can’t calculate the reward (Sawab) one would get while Hifz-ul-Quran, Insha’Allah.

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