Media Cell:

This department has been established to serve the people and time and again it has published many articles and pamphlets on Namaz, Haj, Roza, Zakat, etc for the benefit of the people.

Computer Section:

To keep up the pace with the current age, computer Section has also been established, which does not only object to provide the students modern education along with Islamic studies, but it also helps to ease out the official work of the institute, books, pamphlets, translations etc are also composed on computer in this section. Currently 10 computers are serving the purpose and two highly skilled personals are training the students.


Library of this institute is very old, thousand of syllabus books are present in it, it also has some very precious volumes of old books and even hand written volumes. Syllabus books are issued to students and teachers on concession rates. A librarian is also deputed to mange the library. New library premises will be completed and operational very soon.


This department is served by a brilliant cook and supervised by the superintendent. Meal for 500 students is prepared twice daily.

Building of Institute:

Building of the institute is spread over an are of 18 Kanals, which consist of class rooms, Hadith Centers, lodging rooms for students, offices, library, store, kitchen, food store, and residences of teachers. A superintendent is permanently deputed to look after the civil construction. The premises is getting older so it is being reconstructed.

Jamia Masjid:

Jamia Masjid Umer Bahawalnagar is one of the eldest in the locality and it is also the biggest one. Having the status of Central Eidgah, it is visited by thousand of people whom come to offer the Eid Prayer. Number of people also join in Juma Prayer.


Convocation of the Jamia is held regularly every year, and prominent and famous Quras, Naat Khawans participate in it. In this holy gathering achievements of students are recognized by conferring upon “Dastars”, granting certificates and degrees and by prize distribution. This convocation also provide the people to remain in touch with the Islamic Scholars.