Jamia History


Hazrat Molana Syed Badar Alam Merthi Sum-al-madni came to Bahawalnagar after serving for 6 years in Dar-ul-Uloom Deoband and 17 years in Jamia Islamia Dabhel (India) in the field of "Ilm-e-Hadith". When he came to Bahawalnagar, he felt that a strong institution is really needed for the educational advancement of the people of locality. So, Molana Syed Badar Alam Merthi R.A alongwith Hazrat Molana Niaz Muhammad Khutni (R.A), & Molana Aman Ullah Khan Khakwani, Hazrat Molana Abdul Shakoor Khakwani, Saif Ullah Khan and other associates set the foundation stone of the Jamia-ul-Uloom Eidgah, Bahawalnagar with his own hands on 16th Zilhaj 1364, (1944) in the heart of the city.In the beginning this institute consisted of only two rooms, which now has turned into a huge building. As per saying of Hazrat Allama Yousaf Banori (R.A),"after Dabhel, Bahawalnar became the center of his kind blessings and hundreds of people were benefited."

Under the supervision of Hazrat Molana Syed Badar Alam Merthi Sum-al-madni (R.A) Quran and Hadith classes were started beneath the shadow of trees. Administrative matters were assigned to Hazrart Molana Niaz Muhammad Khutni (R.A) . One of the initial two rooms was used for his residence and other became the classroom where Hazrat Molana Syed Badar Alam Merthi (R.A) used to deliver the lectures on Hadith. Along with him Molana Abdul Hannan Kamelpuri (R.A) & Abdul Aziz Kamelpuri (R.A) also served the teaching purpose. Knowledge seekers started to gather there not only from different parts of Pakistan.

Administration of the institute


That the institute was started on the basis of pure faith in God, physical means and financial resources were neither available nor considered. It was a hard time even in the beginning and after wards the circumstances forced them to starvation and to meet the both ends they had to catch fishes from the canal and boil ordinary tree leaves to make tea, but Hazrat Molana Mufti Niaz Muhammad Khutni (R.A) never gave up as per will of Hazrat Syed Badar Alam Merthi (R.A) . Although he had moved to Madina apart from the institute but he never deprived off the institute from his kind attention and prayers till his last breath. After his death, his son Syed Aftab Alam Madni (R.A) supervised the institute. After the death of Hazrat Khutni in (R.A) January 1992 his son learned Islamia Banori Town Karachi and M.A Islamiyat Islamia University Bahawalpur. Molana Jalil Ahmad Akhon Sahib D.B.A was appointed as Administrator and the responsibilities of supervision were assigned to Molana Syed Aftab Alam Madni (R.A) along with Shaheed-e-Islam Hazrat Molana Muhammad Yousaf Ludhyanvi Shaheed (R.A). The institute enjoyed their precious directions and guidance till their last breath.After them the institute was governed by Molana Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Sahib (D.B.A). Dedication of all of them has turned that institute of two rooms into a huge building and structure and it has also become one of the leading institutes of the countries